Soffit and fascia are components that have a huge impact on the longevity of your structure, yet they are often overlooked. These components work together to improve air circulation around your roof area, which prevents timber rot and allows your house to breathe during summer. Both soffit and fascia are extremely durable and easy to clean. Whether you need a repair or a full replacement, we can get the job done right.


Aluminum fascia is an important detail that protects the structural wood fascia from all of Mother Nature’s elements that can cause premature rotting. The wood fascia needs to maintain its durability because it is what holds up your eavestrough and soffits, and provides the structural integrity to support the weight of water and snow that accumulates and runs through the eavestrough. Aluminum fascia is available in a wide range of colours and custom profiles. You will never have to climb up that ladder again to paint your fascias.


We install your soffit on the underside of the fascia to bridge the space between the outside wall and the roofline.Soffit is what allows for air circulation and ventilation in the area under your roof. We can install soffit in either a vented or solid panel, but the solid option should be installed with soffit vents spaced out at various intervals. Having good air circulation prevents condensation and timber rot. Soffit also completes the look of your roof by protecting exposed areas from the elements.